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Halle Berry turns 54 – ‘Life just gets better and better!’

Halle Berry just turned 54 on August 14, and she captioned a gorgeous photo of herself “Life just gets better and better.” She looked fresh and sporty as she rode a skateboard, wearing only a t-shirt and...

Skincare guru Liz Earle wants to separate fact from fiction on HRT

Liz Earle is known throughout the UK as a wellness expert and a true skincare aficionado She knows all there is to know about women’s wellbeing, and she has become a self-styled expert about Hormone...

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Does the male menopause exist?

So what is the reality of the male menopause The word menopause is usually associated with women, but the male menopause is a very real thing, yet it’s often derided or dismissed as something that doesn’t exist. So what...

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