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The rainbow gut healthy salad

by Sue Bedford, nutritional therapist

Why not try this wonderful pink, purple and green gut healthy salad!


1 avocado

1 block of feta cheese (Feta cheese contains probiotic bacteria-Lactobacillus plantarum, which accounts for about 48% of its bacteria)

1 pack of watercress or lettuce of your choice

1 large slice of watermelon cubed

3 large radishes sliced thin

2 Tbsp. of fresh parsley

100g pomegranate seeds

2 Tbsp. pumpkin seeds

½ lime juiced

pink salt to taste

To make

Place the chopped avocado into a large bowl. Slice the radishes thinly and cube the watermelon and feta.

Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl. Mix well.

Sprinkle the watermelon and feta cubes over the top. Season with salt and lime juice to taste.


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