Acclaimed actress and national treasure, Julie Walters, has described her hot flushes as “like a chimney [which] came from the base of [her] spine.”

Talking to Saga in 2015, entirely in keeping with her witty persona, the Educating Rita star explained how they affected her whilst working.

“At the National, I’d come off stage for a quick change and have to shout, “Garth, the tray!” And this guy would come with this big tin tray and fan me,” she revealed.

The multi award-winning performer added: “Harry Potter, I was in a wig and padding, and they had to put this big tube of air conditioning in my face.”

Another of her menopausal symptoms was palpitations

She described them by saying: “Sometimes it feels as if there’s somebody in there trying to get out. “Shut up!” I go.”

Julie’s suggestions for coping with the menopause are to avoid HRT and red meat and to reduce the intake of sugar and alcohol. And she believes in living a healthy lifestyle.

Seeking advice

Whilst HRT wasn’t the Acorn Antiques’ star’s preference, we feel it’s vital to point out that just as each of us is different, so are the symptoms we experience. And so too are the effects of remedies and such that we take, and any lifestyle changes we make – though naturally, we fully support a healthy lifestyle.

The best places to start when it comes to dealing with menopausal symptoms has to be the NHS website, which has some great advice and for more individual guidance, it is well worth visiting your GP.

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