The queen of morning TV, Lorraine Kelly, told Dr Hilary Jones on her show in 2017 how the menopause impacted on her

She explained: “Life was really good, love my job, all of that […yet…] there was no joy in my life.”

The presenter continued: “I felt absolutely down. And I couldn’t put my finger on it.”

She disclosed: “I remember thinking to myself, I cannot be sitting here talking to Hugh Jackman all sweaty and hot… I was getting a little bit narky, I think, I’m safe to say. A little bit like that. Just not feeling myself.”

Dr Hilary’s prescription

The chat show host explained how it was when her colleague, Dr Hilary, prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy that she began to feel better.

“It was remarkable,” said the celebrity. “It kicked in very, very quickly. I just got my equilibrium back. I felt all of a sudden like it was lighter, I felt better in myself. I would imagine it was weeks. It wasn’t overnight. It was a gradual, gradual thing, like coming out of the tunnel into the light. All we had to do was change the dosage. It’s not one size fits all.”

Lorraine spoke of the immense impact the menopause had on her which led to her taking HRT

She launched a campaign around that time, called The M Word, designed to encourage women to share their menopause experiences.

The website highlights: “The symptoms of menopause can severely affect a woman’s life, however 70% don’t tell their employers about their suffering.”

This is rather telling. We do need to keep talking about it and not feel so embarrassed by it

Lorraine has tackled the ‘M word’ subject many times on her show; which is confirmed at the beginning of this recent discussion with the menopause expert, Dr Louise Newson.

Dr Newson gives some fascinating information and statistics – describing what they mean – in this clip. It is absolutely worth a watch.

We think it’s fantastic that you’re spreading the word, Lorraine! Thank you!

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